Project Description

Historic Downtown Carrollton Square has been a destination going back to the early to mid-1900.  The Square was and is the focal point today of many that come to visit, shop and eat.  As a part of a revitalization effort by the City they completely revamped the Square in 2015 creating more green space to make it more of a destination for various public events.  Part of the renovation was adding two raised basin structures on the north end of the square, each with a single level precast bowl assembly.  From each bowl water would flow 360 degrees creating an elegant sheet fall to the basin below and recirculate.  There is up lighting on each of the bowls to illuminate both water and the bowl structure.  There are submersible pumps driving the display waters with a small vault positioned between the two features for filtration and treatment of both features.

Scope of work: Design Build, providing engineering services of MEP and construction of the same.