Project Description

First Baptist Church, Downtown Dallas is both History and Iconic Architecture. The Church was organized on July 30, 1868. … In 1872, the determined congregation pooled their funds together to purchase the first building, on Akard, in downtown Dallas. For many years to come they would worship in portions of the original building until 2010 when a new sanctuary and educational buildings were built. It was the Church’s desire to create an Iconic fountain feature at the main entry to the church campus creating a magnificent display of water that included 27 programmed jets, programmed to music. With a 35’tall cascading pedestal of white water centered in the oval basin, along with a 20′ tall Stainless Steel Cross atop the pedestal, a 60′ long weir effect with stainless steel scripture inlaid in terrazzo,the feature puts a stamp on downtown Dallas as a must see and hear destination.