Project Description

Hermann Park Conservancy transformed the former Houston Garden Center site into the eight-acre McGovern Centennial Gardens. The Gardens were custom-made for Hermann Park and add a new dimension to Houston’s garden attractions.  A part of what’s included in the park are 3 water feature elements for the public to enjoy.  The first being a spectacular 30-foot high garden mount, complete with a spiral trail to its summit. On the east side of the mount is a cascading water feature over granite pavers creating a wonderful graduating white water display.  The feature starts at the top of the mount and widens as it moves to the bottom into a large receiving basin.  The second feature consists of a large rectilinear grade level basin with 6, 3” cascade nozzles that create a white water column of water 15’ in spray height.  The 6 cascade jets are programmed, creating varying spray heights and water sequencing.  The third water element is the “Rose Garden” feature; the fountain is a small raised basin structure, 8’ in diameter with arching water effects from the perimeter. All pumps, controls and treatment systems are located in large dedicated equipment room at the main Garden Center.

Scope of work: Design Build, providing both MEP engineering design & construction. Our construction scope included installation of all fountain MEP, pumps, controls, treatment systems and water proofing.