Hughes Landing is in the The Woodlands Texas, 20 miles north of Houston. The mixed-use development is home to retail, restaurant, entertainment and office space, there is a residential component included as well. A large part of Hughes landing sits on Research Forest Lake which serves as an important amenity to the development and can be enjoyed by all those visiting the area. Along lakes edge centered in a gathering place is a two level Corten structure that is the water feature. A part of the water feature display is a fire tray centered in the upper basin that is enjoyed by those that sit and visit around the feature on cool evenings. There is a 12′ long weir that falls water 8″ from the upper basin to the lower pool and recirculates. We used a LED strip light to accent the weir flow as it flows water into the lower basin.

GPSI utilized submersible pumps for the water feature display using a small grade level vault adjacent the feature to house a filter pump and chlorine erosion feeder.  Controls for the system are housed close by in a mechanical room.

Scope of Work: GPSI provided MEP design and installation which included the Corten basin structure and its fabrication, concrete, water proofing, pumps, controls, and treatment systems.