Project Description

The Kimbell Art Museum opened in 1972 by World Famed Architect Louis Kahn. It was an instant success in the Museum world with world class art displays in a building design by a world class architect. Ft. Worth continued to enjoy their strong position in the art world as a destination of the same here in the US and abroad. The water feature built in 1972 started to show signs of wear and tear after 35 years of operation. In 2008 we were approached to assess the current conditions and formulate a plan to update the existing MEP, pumps, controls, and treatment systems. After much time and thought The Kimbell in 2013 decided to go ahead with the renovation, with an emphasis on maintaining the original design intent. GPSI would accomplish this with updates and upgrades in both the equipment room and in the field. This meant a complete re-do of all things mechanical, steel piping that had corroded from the inside which led to several issues, treatment systems, pumping systems had served their time and were ready for significant updates.

The features are large rectilinear raised basin structures, each with a total weir length of 130′. The water display from the upper basin falling three feet to the lower basin is a smooth, sheer sheet fall effect. Both features are separated by a walkway, one mirroring the other. The finish on each of the basins is a terrazzo exterior with a precast concrete weir edge and inlaid aggregate bottom.

Scope of Work: Demolition of existing mechanical room, plumbing and electrical to and from the water feature basins. Engineering design and construction which included re-installing all new pumps, controls, and treatment systems, plumbing and electrical to basin locations and water proofing.