Project Description

The Iconic “Spirit of Flight” Fountain is located at Love Field Airport near Downtown Dallas.   In the center of the fountain basin is an impressive bronze sculpture.  The sculpture represents a man with his arms raised and wings held behind him.  His head is tilted towards the sky symbolizing his victory over flight.  The man is surrounded by a pool with a clusters of birds that seem to be flying below him. 

This feature was originally built in 1959 by a charitable donation from the Corrigan Family. In 2010 the Corrigan Family made additional contributions for a much needed face lift. Due to the need for additional airport thoroughfare near the fountain the need to move the feature was preeminent.   Consequently the fountain was relocated a few hundred yards East of its original location. 

The lasting result is the “Spirit of Flight” feature is now more prominent for patrons.  Weather you’re coming and or leaving Dallas to destinations known Spirit of Flight is there to greet you.