Project Description

GPSI was our subcontractor for the construction of the water play elements at our facility. Their knowledge, expertise, experience and dedication were true assets in completing our project. As with most projects there are things that did not turn out as expected but this was not from a lack of their expertise or dedication. I would highly recommend GPSI to anyone looking for a great company to install, design, or advise you on a water play feature or pool.

Ken Sutter, The Gathering Place

This outdoor park sits right on the Arkansas River and encompasses water elements throughout. There is a Mist Mountain with laminars called the Flying Fish that “jump up stream” from their natural Koi pond with live fish towards the Obelisk Mountain with a fog and runnel system. There is a Labyrinth splash pad that creates a mazelike glass panel system with stone surround. As you make your way through Phase I of the 66.5-acre park, there is Water Mountain that consists of additional water-play toys like the Aquadrat and Archimedes screw created by Richter and installed by GPSI for kids of all ages.