Water Features Designed
by Engineers

GPSI is your specialized engineering consultant when it comes to water
feature design. Our engineers look at more than just the visual aesthetics
of your water feature to ensure your feature is on budget and functional
for years to come.

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Here’s Why You Should Have An Engineer Design Your Water Feature:

  • Long term maintenance sustainability

  • How your feature will be serviced

  • How to marry budget with design intent

  • Structural features that could cause costly repair at a later date if not implemented correctly

  • Details about the structure that if not tended to, could cause costly mistakes later

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“I’ve already started my project with a Landscape Architect & General Contractor.”

While we prefer to work on a project from design to construction documents, a lot of our business comes from projects already underway and in need of a specialty water feature contractor. The earlier we become involved in a project, the more likely we are able to help point out potential problems in the design that could create costly mistakes at a later date. Here are just a few of the advantages of bringing the GPSI team in on the project earlier in the process:

  • Pipe sizing is critical in our hydraulic design. Often, whe