Project Description

The Baylor 5th Street Promenade & Fountain are located in the heart of the Campus at Baylor University, Waco, TX.  The University desired a water feature component as a part of the promenade that resulted in a beautiful basin and bowl structure with dynamic water displays.  The granite clad basin structure measures 60’ long x 40’ wide.  The precast bowl measures 20’ in diameter.  The bowl is placed on a cast in place concrete dome that measures 30’ in dimeter and is clad with granite pavers.  The nozzle displays are smooth bore jets with a single geyser effect centered in the bowl that will display water at 30’ in spray height. There are 4, cascade jets that surround the center column of water that display water at 15’ in spray height.  There are 12 nozzle effects in the lower basin that display arching columns of water into the upper bowl.  The 12 arching nozzles have custom dome shrouds made of bronze.  All nozzle effects are accented w/ LED light.  Both water and light are programmed to create varying effects through the course of operation.  All pumps, controls and treatment systems are located in a large cast in place concrete vault under the fountain basin.

Scope of work: GPSI provided Consulting/Engineering Design Services. Our construction effort included Turn-key services, excavation, concrete, waterproofing, hardscape finishes & fountain MEP.

We are nearing the end of our project here at Baylor 5th St/Rosenbalm Fountain. I would like to say that I could not be more pleased with how the fountain has turned out and how GPSI has performed. As I’m sure you know, we had some challenges with the weather and through it all, Jerry West kept assuring me that there would not be a delay. Throughout the project, we have learned that we could depend on your guys to perform as expected and to deliver a magnificent project. Baylor University and Dr. Rosenbalm will be proud of this fountain for many years to come. Thank you!
Tim Wilson, The Beck Group