Our construction expertise is unsurpassed.

We have the most experienced fountain construction teams in the industry. Our construction team leaders are involved in a project from the beginning design stage so that when construction begins, they have intimate knowledge of how to successfully build your water feature.

Thank you for an outstanding job. It is truly amazing that in 4 months’ time our team was able to design, plan and build a fully automated fountain at all let alone on the fifth floor of the now Cowboys Stadium. The obstacles were seemingly endless but one by one we overcame them all which is a testament to the determination of the GPSI team.

Since its opening I have heard one compliment after another by our clients and the Cowboys regarding the overall look and feel of the space. The response by the public has been remarkable as well. The fountain has become the destination point we had hoped for as well as a photo op for the guest. All in all great work!

So, we live to work another day and I look forward to working with GPSI on those future projects.

Thanks to all once again.

Ian Roberson, AT&T Stadium – Ford Fountain, Arlington, TX

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