Project Description

The Southwest VIP Entrance feature is a 28’ long, 2’ wide, 2.5’ tall concrete structure clad in black granite. At the center of the granite monolith, there are a series of small bubble jets creating a six foot tall curtain of whitewater three inches wide. The bubbler jets are illuminated with white LED lights. The water from the center jets cascade 360° over all 4 sides of the granite monolith into a trough below. The trough is covered with stainless steel grating. The water then feeds into a large reservoir that serves as the water source for the feature. All related pump and control equipment is located adjacent to the water feature in an in-ground concrete vault.

We would like to take this opportunity to let you know how much Manhattan Construction Company appreciates your contribution to the success of the construction and timely completion of the Cowboys New Stadium. In many aspects it was a very complex and awesome construction project. However, due to the diligence, concentrated and assertive efforts of GPSI and all of its dedicated employees, a successful completion was attained.

Your entire staff was exceptional in the performance required and teamwork necessary to bring this project to reality, and we look forward to working with out on many more projects in the future.

John Dixon, Manhattan Construction Company