In 1940 landscape architect Ralph Ellifrit designed a park-like environment dominated by a shallow, rectilinear pool on axis with the entry to Houston’s City Hall . The pool is animated by a cascade fountain on its western end. An elevated entry plaza leading into City Hall is ornamented with carved limestone seat walls and benches and is flanked on both sides by tall flagpoles on limestone pediments. The pool is enveloped by a gently sloping lawn that is bordered by paved walks lined by inward-facing benches. Buffering the square from the surrounding streets, a mature canopy of live oaks is under-planted with yaupon hedges and jasmine, ivy, and nandina. City Hall was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1990. In 2013 Landscape Architect, White Oak Studio was hired by the City to provide renovation design services to the Square in general which included upgrading and refurbishing the large reflection pool mentioned above.  White Oak in turn hired GPSI as there water feature consultant to provide engineering design of MEP for the reflection pool and cascading feature.  GPSI also played a role in construction oversite thru the fountain renovation process.  All pumps, controls and treatment systems for this feature are housed an equipment vault located at the west end of the feature.