The Leadership of Phillips 66 World Headquarters campus spared no expense in providing one of Houston’s finest Architectural Structures with interior finishes second to none.  A significant effort was put to the design of the landscape amenities thru out the campus with the water features leading the charge.  Below is a brief explanation of each of the features.

The visitor’s entry feature is a raised basin structure,  38’ diameter with a stainless steel weir edge. The water effect is a uninterrupted sheet flow of water falling 24″ to a rock covered grated basin below.  Lighting for the feature is positioned between the sheet flow water effect and the basin structure creating a warm glow within the surround of the water effect itself.

The Dining Courtyard features a Grand water wall 90’ long x 13’ tall positioned one side of the courtyard area.  Within the courtyard are a variety of seating areas and trees that are surrounded by water creating an oasis for visitors and employees to enjoy.

The Water Wall structure is 30’ long x 8′ tall. The water effect is a series of smooth bore jets within the wall structure creating an arching streams of water as they fall 6′ into the basin below. The perimeter of the basin structure is lite with the subtle glow of LED light to bring accent to the basin structure.

The Runnel feature is located adjacent the building along side the main entry to the Headquarters.  The feature consist of a 200′ long x 4′ wide runnel of water that cascades over weir structures to then sheet flow into a lower basin and recirculate.

All equipment spaces for all the Features are located in to large dedicated rooms one level below.  Each equipment room houses all, pumps, controls, treatment systems, and filtration systems.  Our controls are linked to the Building Management System for both monitoring and adjustment.

The desire of the team with of all of these features was to enhance the experience of both the employees and visitors alike.  Water creates a audible quality and can add calm to a busy day, It can also masked the sound of the city and bring a quit reflection to days work.  We believe with the efforts of the entire Team and Owner we were able to accomplish the journey with great success.