Project Description

Tarrant County College, Downtown Campus is situated on the east bank of the Trinity River, Downtown Ft. Worth.  The campus was built in 2009 to serve the downtown area.  Located in the center of the campus is a long linear water feature that runs north/south through the campus.  The head waters of this feature starts at street elevation on Belknap Street.  There is a 60’ wide cascading step effect called the Grand Steps that drops approximately 20’ to a wide streambed that then flows through the middle of the campus below street level.  The feature engages all those that walk from class to class and for those that want to escape the sounds of the City.  At the end of the streambed is a 20’ waterfall drop to the 3rd level at the banks of the Trinity.  All pumps, controls and treatment systems are located in a large mechanical room within one of the buildings that make up the campus.

This project has been very difficult having been under construction since 2007 with a completion date of November 2009. The project has been stopped and started so many time that our completion date has been extended till 2011. David has been with us for most of the project and has been a great asset to the project. The design of the fountain has had many developmental changes and David has been on top of the issues placed in his court. He has acted way above the call of duty and helped the Owner to get a complete fountain package. I want to thank you for placing such a competent, reliable and wealth of knowledge individual such as David on this project.

GPSI has a very good reputation throughout the construction industry no doubt due to your decisions to place good knowledgeable personnel on your projects. It has been a pleasure working with your firm, best wishes during the Holiday Season as I look forward to working with David and your firm throughout 2010.

Anthony F. Aloisio II, Senior Project Manager ACR