Project Description

In February of 2009 the reflecting pool at the historic Esplanade at Fair Park began a $12 million renovation. Fair Park is recognized as a significant example of Art Deco architecture and is the largest Art Deco site in the US. The City of Dallas sought to restore the famous Art Deco design while modernizing the original fountain using new technology that would allow for programmable fountain shows that could be coordinated with lights and music. The main pool is 700’ long by 60’ wide. Inspired by the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas, Esplanade includes 172 nozzles and hundreds of lights all programmable to music allowing limitless creativity for programmed performances throughout the year. The mechanical room for this feature is 80’ long by 25’ wide, houses twenty-two 50 HP pumps, four 20 HP pumps, and one 10 HP pump. All control equipment and treatment equipment is located in the mechanical room which is centered below the fountain basin.

I would like to express my gratitude for making the Esplanade Fountain at Fair park one of the finest achievements I have had the pleasure to be a part of. The staff of GPSI took a time sensitive and politically drive project, and produced a product of the highest caliber. The executive management of GPSI assured me the persons assigned to the project were the best, and would deliver a quality on time and on budget. This was certainly the case.

Vice President of Operations Brad Peterson not only took care to produce what the plans called for, but he and his construction team studied the project from all angles which resulted in a more efficient and safer design in many cases. Mr. Barry Caylor, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, took great care to ensure the City of Dallas was completely satisfied with the final product. He was also instrumental in kicking off the dedication and first showings during the 2009 State Fair of Texas.

The team’s ability to adapt to ever changing conditions is testament to their superior skills in the art of fountain construction. Fair Park is a challenging place to work even on small projects. The size and scope of the Esplanade Fountain required constant communication, an immeasurable ability to adapt, and a requirement to do everything very quickly. GPSI produced in every case.

I welcome the chance to work with GPSI in the future, and look forward to doing so. I would also like to commend GPSI on a job well done.

Kenneth Pyland, City of Dallas Parks and Recreation Department